This page will profile the construction of my R2-D2 and R4-P17 Projects.
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1/10/09- R2 and 3P0 were on display with the 501st at the Fresno Philharmonic.

Spent most of 2008 working on WALL-E...hope to get back on my new R2 in 2009.

2/18/08- Received a machined aluminum radar eye from David Shaw.

1/14/08- Dan Steuttgens's power distribution board arrived, as well as my new PSI board kits and LED driver boards for the logic displays.

1/08/08- The new superbright LED's arrived from McKenken. I will use these for the PSI displays.

12/22/08- My new linear actuators arrived. These will be used with my new 2-3-2 design. More on that in the spring!

8/31/07- CPU Arm arrived today from master builder David Shaw in Australia.

CLICK HERE to see CPU Arm pics in the parts page.

7/18/07- Finally getting back to R2 and R4...only been 8 months since I worked on either droid!

6/30/07- Dropped off the Tantive IV set at Steve Sansweet's home, where it will be preserved in his incredible museum.

4/28/07- Just returned from CIV...what an awesome experience! The Builders Room was one of the most popular attractions!

3/23/07- I have taken a detour from R2 Building as I work on the Tantive IV(Blockade Runner) set for Celebration IV in Los Angeles.

2/18/07- I have not posted for a long time, so here finally is an update. I took two months off from R2 building to work on 3P0. In the meantime I have been collecting tons of new parts...pocket vents from Daniel(, coin returns from Wayne, another set of resin utility arms, periscope kit from Scot Washburn and a periscope lift from Daniel. When it warms up a bit, I will get back on the dome and prepare all parts for painting.

9/09/06- Assembled the center foot track and rail system, and made a new strut for the main leg actuator.

8/22/06- Axle and coupling completed.

8/19/06- Work begins on the aluminum legs. Each leg has been cut to length, and drilled.

8/05/06- Work continues on the frame, as I work out the details on the new 2-3-2 system. Every time I change the position of one part, it automatically affects several other portions of the frame.

8/03/06- I have constructed a full size model of R2 to test different leg rod configurations. The model has been a great help in determining the exact position of the new leg rod, which will help to stabilize R2 when standing in two legged mode.

7/28/06- Still working on the new frame...all the parts have been made, just fine tuning the position of things.

7/18/06- I have built all of the vertical ribs, and will start assembling all the pieces tomorrow.

7/12/06- The new R2 project begins! Parts collecting began right after R2LA III last September, but today the actual construction takes place. I started by cutting the frame rings, and determining the position of the vertical "ribs".

2009 R2-Depot

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